Friday, 7 June 2013


Hello Blogger-land.
It's almost halfway into 2013 & I'm finally updating this site. o_0. 

What can I say? 
Life happens, too fast for me it seems. So blogging often becomes a casualty of life. I'm sure alot of people know this feeling.

Just wanted to post this, because I'm thrilled to bits.

 A photo taken by Katie and Sarah, 

of a past wedding creation of mine, ended up on a Sydney wedding magazine site. 

I'm dancing a happy dance because it looks so pretty. =) 
That is all. Please click on the links and find out.

Oh and somehow I need to find a way of sharing the picture with you.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Later half of 2012

 I shall try and come back later to sort these photos into some sort of order and offer some comments with them.
Meanwhile, have fun browsing. Remember you can always email me at: -

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Catching Up 2012

Dragon Cake

The cake was pandan and passionfruit sponge w/ passionfruit cream frosting and buttercream.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

More Weddings.

 Hello Friends in Blogger-Land & Beyond. Yes, I took a long break. =) 

That's ok because this is a hobby after all. I've been trying to work out what I really want to do at this stage of life. Whether I wanted to launch into this cooking/baking full-time and devote all my energies into this. This choice would be quite life-consuming, having to churn out creations week in and out. Or maybe keep the status - quo, remaining low-key & taking on projects once in a while. So that I would have energy remaining to be a musician, teacher, mum & wife. I think, I like the staus-quo. 

My family certainly appreciates me being low-key. =) I'm more calm and less frantic with deadlines, because life is more manageable. And I have the liberty, curiosity & energy to look around, explore, experiment with different cooking techniques. Dabbling in whatever takes my fancies, instead of having to produce a certain amount of standard goods week in & out. 

 So, I shall choose liberty,curiosity & energies to explore & experiment with cooking techniques. =) If you didn't already know...I am a self-taught cook. I experiment a lot & rarely follow recipes if ever. =S I do read up a lot on cooking techniques and methodology. Trying to understand the 'why' something works rather than following a prescribed formula. Hence, I usually have quite a few variations on a theme for each dish/cake/tart/breads reproduced. I aim for a certain taste/look and then work towards that goal. But, quite often it's a, let's throw this in and see what happens. =) 

Having said all this, I am currently in a 'Sourdough Bread' phase.

To see more pictures of my sourdough experiments, click here.

Experimenting with a few different starters, old doughs, whole meals, cake flour, bread flour, oat brans, spelt, dried fruits etc. Here's a few photos of my experimentation.

Jeb & Nicole's Wedding Cake:

Handmade Roses in Burnt Orange & Pistachio colours. =)
The cake was a layered chocolate mud with chocolate ganache, which fed 75 guests.

Chocolate Strawberries Tower
for Alicia & Angus

Bride & Groom Butter Cookies
Decorated with hm fondant & royal icing

Sunday, 25 September 2011

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